Research Team

GATR Lab team Mario Ruiz, IRIS intern from La Plata Univ., Argentina; Sarah Oliva; Betina Brockamp; Jeysi Guillen from Sci High, and Jackie Horn. Right – ISLA team. 

Our research team benefits from the exchange of ideas and information from collaborators around the world. Graduate and Undergraduate students use analytical and numerical models to solve problems of earthquake rupture and comparisons with time-averaged deformation, fault-magma interaction, magma and volatile generation and migration, plate rheology, and their implications to society. Applied research links to geothermal energy exploration and exploitation and geohazards. Below is a list of current and past research students, and their destinations.

Postgraduate Students (2006- 2018)

Carolina Pulido Hurtado, PhD candidate. Co-advised by Reda Amer. 

Sarah Jaye Oliva, PhD student. ICTP Diploma 2015.  ** GeoPRISMS Poster Presentation Honorable Mention, AGU 2016.  Vokes Fellowship, Tulane University. 

Gabrielle Tepp, Volcano-seismology PhD February, 2016.  Now Mendenhall Research Fellow, Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Luis Navarrete, MSc, 2015  Crustal structure of NE N America from constrained models of gravity and magnetic data

Hubert Zal, MSc, 2014.  Kinematics and Dynamics of the Kivu Rift System from Seismic Anisotropy, Seismicity, and Structural Analyses.  U. Wellington (New Zealand) PhD program.

Manahloh Belachew,  PhD, April, 2012.  U of Rochester commended thesis, Science Faculty Prize; AGU Seismology section, best student presentation, 2012. Lecturer, Oklahoma State University  

Dustin Coté, MSc, 2011, Volcano-seismicity patterns in Afar and Galapagos.

Derek Keir, PhD, Royal Holloway 2006, Seismicity in a rift at the transition from continental to oceanic rifting, 2006.  Lecturer, University of Southampton; Jason Morgan Early Career Award (AGU), Bullerwell Lecturer.

New Orleans Science and Technology High School Interns

  • Jeysi Guillen – 2019
  • Makiyah Cormick – 2018
  • Chaz Clark  -2017
  • Sidney Pierre – 2017

Undergraduate Research Students

Mario Ruiz –  Universidad de La Plata, Argentina – David Simpson international REU award.  Time-varying ambient noise tomography, nefore, during, and after Sierra Negra volcanic eruption

Derrick Murekezi – (U of Rochester) Kinematics of rifting in northern Taupo volcanic line REU 2018

Carrie Leibensperger – (Tulane)Earthquakes in the Whakatane graben, New Zealand

Connor Drooff – Senior thesis;  Kinematics of rifting, Lake Tanganyika

Amy Eisenstadt – Senior thesis; Salt run-off to Genesee River

Alexander Weinstein, Senior thesis; Kinematics of rifting in Tanzania

        Ulrik Soderstrom,  Plate flexure beneath African volcanoes

        Roy Hadfield (College of Wooster) Double-difference earthquake  locations REU 2016

James Bourke (SUNY Binghamton), Crustal velocity models REU 2016

Korin Carpenter, Inverse models of potential field data

Michael Aman, Independent study in earthquake seismology; PhD student, UTIG

Shelby Corning, earthquake studies

Connor Drooff, earthquake focal mechanisms studies + Tanzania fieldwork

Katherine Peterson, Senior thesis;  Malawi rift earthquake location studies; Now MSc student U. Iowa

Dan Diaz-Etchevehere, GIS and potential field studies

Julie Dib, independent study in GIS

Avery Palardy, international REU – Tanzania seismicity project; Boston Univ MSc

Catherine Lambert, Senior thesis, high honors;  NSF PhD Fellow 2015 Cornell PhD program

Luis Navarrete, Senior thesis, high honors

Carrie Gulvin, Independent study; MSc student at U Wyoming

Hannah Lyons, Independent study

Alanna Scheinerman, Senior thesis, honors

Brian Castro, Senior thesis, honors; Geophysicist at Geometrics

Hubert Zal, Senior thesis, high honors

Lindsey Davidge, SCEC REU, Senior thesis, highest honors

Eli Witkin, REU, Fluids during early rifting

Jewell Case – Senior thesis, high honors, MSc student, U. Montana

Megan O’Connor – REU, Galapagos research, Senior thesis, high honors; MSc ESF Syracuse

Maura Rapkin – research, Senior thesis, honors

Dan Shorrock – Senior thesis, honors

Dayna Jacob, research 

Nate Lindsey – REU, Galapagos field expedition, Fulbright Fellowship, NSF PhD Fellowship 2015 for studies at UC Berkeley

Carolyn van Alstyne, Senior thesis, high honors, co-author on research paper in press in Geol. Soc. London

Caitlin Smigelski, research, participated in Galapagos field expedition

Clyde Brown, research  

Alex Aronovitz,  Senior thesis, high honors; 

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