ISLA – Investigation of Seismicity in Louisiana

A team of scientists from Tulane University (TU), Louisiana State University (LSU), University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) are working with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to establish background levels of seismicity to inform decision-making within the region.  The ISLA Project – Investigation of Seismicity in LA – offers a golden opportunity and to train a cohort of students in field and laboratory methods.  Alissa Scire of PASSCAL Data Group, New Mexico Tech, provided two days of expert training in instrumentation and deployment techniques.  Undergraduate and graduate students advised by Patricia Persaud (LSU), Gabriele Morra (ULL), and Cindy Ebinger (TU), and worked in teams to deploy 6 of 10 planned stations during the last weekend in June, with  4 stations  installed in August.  Four additional stations were deployed in 2020.  We are grateful to those in the Shreveport area who have facilitated the project by allowing us to install instruments on their property.  Many thanks to Tulane students Eddie Arzabala, Garrett Sullivan, Martin Musila, Carolina Hurtado Pulido for help with servicing and equipment retrieval, and Emily Kraus for her analyses of the March-April 2021 swarm. 

Photos CW from top left: TU-LSU-ULL teams (Justin Kain, Rasheed Ajala, Madison Menou, Betina Brockamp, Samantha Hilburn, BS Candidate, Tulane University, Brennan Brunsvik, Mario Ruiz, Alissa Scire, PASSCAL Data Group Supervisor, Patricia Persaud, & Gabriele Morra). Gabriele Morra and Mario testing Reftek datalogger; practicing with the clever but tricky solar panel mounts; ISLA Array;  Tulane undergraduate Emily Kraus presenting at Fall AGU 2021.   


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