EES Research

Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University

Our research focuses on the processes that created and continue to modify Earth and Planetary interiors and surfaces, including mitigation of geohazards.  Our research involves one or a combination of data acquisition, analyses, and modeling.

Our major focus areas are outlined below, and on the faculty research summary page (Whitten, Straub, Johannesson, Jackson, Goehring, Gasparini, Flowers, Ebinger, Amer, Agnew)

Cryosphere and Geochronology Research 
Environmental Biochemistry Lab
Geomorphology and Landscape Evolution
Geophysics and Active Tectonics

GIS and Remote Sensing
High Temperature Geochemistry and Petrology (HiTaP)
Planetary Geology
Quaternary and Coastal Geosciences Research
River and Coastal Sediment Dynamics and Radiochemical Lab
Sediment Dynamics Laboratory
Structural Geology and Tectonics

Undergraduates are encouraged to contact faculty for research opportunities.  

Research Facilities and Resources

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